Turn the Tide
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Turn the Tide
Martial Inverse, Martial Rebel, 武逆


Eastern Fantasy


iCiyuan Comics



Turn the Tide 2019

Action / Cultivation / Fantasy / Historical / Martial Arts


Everyone in the heavenly martial continent worships martial arts strength. People without any martial arts skills are destined to be belittled! The young master of the house of Feng was known to be a good-for-nothing mediocre cultivator. But what people saw was not the real deal. There was a mysterious existence inside his body devouring all his martial spirits. One day, this mysterious creature decided to come out of his body and help him get stronger...

Feng Hao is an aspiring martial artist who, despite his best efforts, isn't considered talented

But after a scuffle with the martial arts master, De Ying, a hidden power within him awakens

So begins Feng Hao's journey towards honing his skills and achieving the ultimate body!