Free Walker
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Free Walker
I Desire To Be Carefree, Peerlessly Carefree, Du Bu Xiao Yao


Zhang Yue


Cai Jian



Free Walker 2019

Action / Comedy / Cultivation / Fantasy / Isekai


Nowadays, traveling to Isekai is no longer something special, but what if he's got this perfect timing of landing—
He falls right in front of a sect leader who is desperate to find his daughter a fake husband.
From time traveling to forced wedding, this is how his path of cultivation starts...

I love the secular world and do not long to become immortals or reach enlightenment. I just want the world to prosper and everyone to live peaceful lives. But if the world is unfair and the deities are corrupted by greed, in rage, I will pick up my sword and cut through the universe. I will be matchless, and I will live my life as a carefree man!