Lightning Degree
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Lightning Degree
Masters of Lightning Knives, Lightning Swords, 비뢰도, 飛雷刀


OZOO, Ryuhon




Kakao, Tapas

Lightning Degree 2019

Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Wuxia / Martial Arts


Ryu-Yeon lost his father to a disease when he was only 10 years old.

With the skill he learned from his father, he could carve wood into wonderfully intricate sculptures.

One day, after completing the sculptures of his parents, Ryu-Yeon was greeted by an elderly man who was impressed by his sculptures.

The old man saw promise in Ryu-Yeon and asked him if he would like to become his disciple.

As Ryu-Yeon had nowhere to go and wanted to make the most of his life, he accepted the old man's offer.

Description From Tapas : A young orphan was alone in the world until he meets the master of a secret form of martial arts. To learn these otherworldly techniques, he will need to endure years of his sadistic teacher’s grueling and weird training. But why does he have to do laundry, cook meals, or play instruments to learn martial arts anyway?! If he can survive long enough (and if his massive ego doesn’t get in the way), he just might be able to wield the unstoppable lightning knives. Will he make the cut or be sliced down to size?